About Us

A Leading Packaging Label Printing Company in Johor, Malaysia

Where It All Began

Solid Labels Packaging Sdn. Bhd. (574112 – A), a company incorporated in March 2002, specialized in printing labels and stickers. The Founder, Mr. Tang, was originally running a packaging company Solid Packaging Sdn. Bhd., a company formed in July 1992 under Companies Act 1965, master in manufacturing corrugated carton boxes to customized specifications. With extensive experience and technical know-how in the packaging industry, managed by a team of committed professionals, Solid Packaging is able to offer its customers a total product solution – from packaging design to prototype development and mass production.

Most of the carton boxes requires labels and stickers for the purpose of identification, Mr. Tang is able to get himself into learning more of the label industry; that’s what sparks Mr. Tang’s idea of running his own label printing company. Given the enormous experience Mr. Tang has in the printing related field in the past 30 years, he finally brings a printing company – Solid Labels Packaging, that he has been preparing for years into business. All sorts of stickers and labels are readily manufactured using the Automated Labels Printing Machines, and the customers ranging from commercial to personal uses. Solid Labels Packaging has been making various stickers and labels for its customers, ranges including Peanut Butter Jar Labels, Jam Bottle Labels, Bar Code Labels, Shipping Labels, Beverage Labels, Fruit Labels, Container Labels, Pharmaceutical Labels, Outdoor Environment Labels, Commercial Label, Individual Use Label, etc.

Together with modern production facilities and a dedicated workforce, the company is committed to be a reliable supplier of packaging materials and labels in the region. In March 2004, the company has acquired the ISO 9001 Certificates on ‘ Manufacturing of Carton Boxes ’and ‘ Printing of Stickers and Labels ’.

Solid Labels Packaging has, and will always assume its quality is on top of the market and determination in providing the highest quality labels and stickers to its customers, in anytime. Like the company’s core value says – We Print. We Serve. We Guarantee.

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